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Greek cuisine is reknown all over the world for its tasteful but also healthy dishes. Cooking is based a lot in the use of olive oil, while the vegetables and herbs, the bread, the fish and various meats, such as poultry, pork and lamp can be found in every greek table. The famous "mezedes" (=small dishes with various types of food) are yet another tasteful touch, especially when they are served with wine, or the traditional ouzo and tsipouro. Santorini, as well as other Greek areas, has its own special dishes, its own special flavours and delights, based of course on local products. This dishes and the drinks are actually part of the culture, part of the island's tradition, as their production can be traced ages ago and sometimes even as an essential part of the people's economical life, especially when it comes to the wines, of Santorini,that were and still are famous for their quality and excellent taste.

 Fava of Santorini  
A tasteful dish made by a special kind of beans. What makes it really unique from all other similar dishes, is the soil and mostly  the variety of the fava beans that, acoording to the Akrotiri excavations, has been a product of the island for more than 3.500 years.
This is a herbs dish. Kardamides are usually collected in Spring from the island's vineyards and fields. They are served boiled, usually wirh fish.  They are considered to be an excellent natural medicine against holesterole.
 White eggplants  
White eggplants are another one of Santorini's special products, thanks to the soil of the island. The main difference with the common eggplant is that this one is much sweeter and does not get that fatty when fried. The most well known dish made of it is the traditional "melitzanosalata" (eggplant salad), served as a desert.
 Hloro tyri  
It could be translated as "moist cheee". It's a fresh goat cheese with a cream texture but though it's very tasteful, it is mostly producted in small quantities for domestic use, so it would be rather difficult to find it in a restaurant.
 Santorini's tomatoes  
Last but not least, the famous cherry tomatos of Santorini. They are considered to be very delicious and sweet and also very juicy. It used to be one of the island's main products for ages. It is served fried as a "mezes" or even as a spoon sweet. The most famous dish with this tomatoes is Psarokeftedes. This means meatballs, but with no meat actually, but only tomatoes. This used to be a food of the poor, who couldn't afford to buy meat, but today is amongst the best dishes of the local cuisine.

 Vinsanto wine  
The production of Vinsanto is an ancient tradition for Santorini, with a history of thousands of years. As the name suggests (Wine of the Saint), this wine has  also produced in Italy, but since 2002, as Eu decided, only Santorini can use this name for this type of wine,as there is unquiestionable evidence of its backround here in the island. Vinsanto is known for its golden-orange color and its sweet taste and there are specific and very strict rules for a wine to be classified as Vinsanto.
 Assyrtiko wine  
Assyrtiko is Santorini's main grapes variety and the wine produced from it, is the island's most important export product. Assurtiko wine, as well as other wines of Santorini, gains its unique taste due to the fact that the soil od the island is immune to the parasite of philoxera, thanks to to Volcano! Therefore, some of the roots of the grapes used to produce Assyrtiko are actually several hundeds years old.
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