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Anient Thira

Ancient Thera stands on Mesa Vouno, at an altitude of 396 m. It was founded in the 9th century BC by Dorian settlers, led by Theras; habitation continued until the early Byzantine era. Excavations have mainly brought to light the areas built during 2007. Routes are well-planned and marked with signs. The position is naturally fortified because the steep slopes of the mountain made the city inaccessible from land or sea and also a great observatory to the SE Aegean Sea. Public and private buildings are built along the main axis of the city in direction from the NE to the SE corner of the rock. Smaller cobbled streets adapted to the terrain, intersected the main road. Sanctuarues and themples, the Ancient Agora, the Cemetery, the Ancient Theatre and the Royal Stoa are amongst this site's most important things to see.

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Akrotiri is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, famous all over the world especially for the coloful frescoes revealed by the excavations. The large extent of the settlement (ca. 20 hectares), the elaborate drainage system, the sophisticated multi-storeyed buildings with the magnificent wall-paintings, furniture and vessels, show its great development and prosperity. The various imported objects found in the buildings indicate the wide network of its external relations. Akrotiri was in contact with Crete but also communicated with the Greek Mainland, the Dodecanese, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt.The site is actually the ruins of a city devastated by the Volcano Minoan Eruption, just like Pompeii in Italy. But in this case, it is more likely that the inhabitants of this rich and prosperous ancient city had the time to evacuate, escaping death under the ashes. Apart from the magnificent archaeological site and the museum, the Castle and the picturesque Lighthouse also worth a visit.
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Therassia is a miniature of what Thera used to be several years ago. Therassia's villages are still surrounded by the "aura" of the past, waiting to be explored. Therassia is less than a mile away from Ammoudi, Oia. Υou can easily cross from there in 20΄on your own or a traditional boat. You can also get there by going on a day trip to the volcano.The island is oblong in shape, with an 8 km diameter in length and a 2.5 km diameter in breadth. Its total surface is 9.3 square kilometers. It shares the same morphology and similar architecture with Thera as to its houses and churches.According to Greek mythology, the island was named after the younger daughter of King Theras, Therassia, to whom he offered the island to build a majestic palace in the area of Kavos-Korfos.It is believed that it was formed during the great volcanic eruption of 1600 BC. The famous Greek historian Plinios mentions that in 237 BC it was detached from Santorini after an earthquake.

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