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Santorini is the one of the only two regions of Europe feauturing a desert climate. The other one is the close island of Anafi. This practically meanσ that the island experiences two main climate seasons: the dry one, from April to October, and the rainy from November to March. The two main charesteristics of the local climate, as for all the islands of the Aegean, are humidity and winds.


Since it's a small island, where the distance from the sea is no longer thatn 3klm at any given point, humidity coming form the sea is a regular phenomenon, but also a very welcome one, especially during hot summer days. The island's lack of mountains makes it vulnerable to the strong winds, among which are the famous "meltemia". Meltemia are northern winds blowing from May to September. This sudden and sometimes very strong winds are very well expected by the locals as reilief from the summer heat.

   weather santorini find holidaysAvoid prelonged exposure to the sun and always use sunglasses and suntan.  
   weather santorini find holidaysAn umbrella might prove useful in sudden summer rains (mpora) that are sometimes very strong.  
   weather santorini find holidaysA summer coat is necessary for some chlly summer nights.  
   weather santorini find holidaysWhen visiting Santorini during winter season, using sea transportation, you should always advice your travel agent and double check before eventually going to the port, as strong winds many times result to a full stop of sea transportation.  

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