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For ages Oia was called Epano Meria (Upper Side), since it is built in the northern side of the island. It is an impressive settlement known all over the world for the magnificent sunset.Characteristics of the settlement are its carved-in buildings and the so called captains' houses ("kapetanospita") having unusual neoclassic elements.During the sunset, tens of people full of awe from the greatness they face, sit on roofs and balconies silently admiring one of the most rare spectacles on earth.

Oia, pronounced E-ah, is the beautiful village at the northern point of the island. It is the 2nd largest town on the island and boasts quaint, winding lanes facing south in a fishbone layout. The main pedestrian street connects its ends across the top of the cliff, with many local branches. The village was also, devastated by the 1956 earthquake and many of its inhabitants migrated to Athens, Australia or America. It has never fully recovered, but it is dramatic, striking and quieter than Fira, although its streets are also filled with expensive jewellery boutiques. The central square Nikolaou Nomikou, skirts the caldera. It is probably the best place to find a good choice of locally crafted items on Santorini and is a haven for local artists who find inspiration in Oia's stunning beauty. As seen on a zillion postcards, the characteristic classic views of Oia is the bright white + blue contesting with deep blue of the Aegean Sea in the background. Oia is a beautiful, exquisite small town and an ideal place for those seeking peace and quiet. Houses, paths, churches built up skilfully on the northern part of the island. Oia is famous for its stunning sunset and the most popular spot to watch the sunset is by the Castro walls. Many people enjoy Oia for its breathtaking scenery, or as a place to just sit and watch the beauty of the sun sinking into the sea.

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